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The construction sector is constantly evolving with a multitude of international, state, regional and local regulations. According to the website of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, the sources of law are the "Building Regulations in Spain ".The consolidated text of the Law on Land and Urban Renovation (approved by Royal Legislative Decree 7/2015)

The State Plan to promote rental housing, building rehabilitation and urban renewal and regeneration, 2013-2016.
The Technical Building Decree, approved by Royal Decree 314/2006 of 17 March.
International regulations.
European Union regulations.
State and regional regulations on housing and urban development.
Instruction No 43 of 16 May 2014 of the Secretary of State for Development on the application of the percentage for financing the works for conservation or enrichment of Spanish historical heritage to agencies, autonomous bodies, foundations, public business entities, other public entities.
The Accessible Urbanised Public Spaces Regulation.
This set of provisions constitutes the current building regulations that are constantly being revised and therefore an online bookstore that is constantly updated is necessary, such as bascofer.com which is an online bookstore of legal works on building regulations, making a wide range of legal copies available to professionals responsible for construction, students and other interested parties.

The professionals in charge of construction are experts in building. They know the entire construction process, allowing them to coordinate the phases and independently apply the controls that ensure quality, safety and respect for the environment. This extensive knowledge of the building life cycle is the hallmark of professional identity.

Building regulations in Spain include:

technical projects,
feasibility studies,
Project planning,
project audit,
requesting and comparing budgets,
administrative procedures to be carried out before commencement of works,
Study waste management.
Moreover, the professionals in charge of construction compliance have powers and authority to direct all those works they can project and also issue

expert opinions,
appraisals and
The professionals responsible for complying with building regulations in Spain are experts in

Safety coordination in the design phase of the project,
Preparation of the Safety Study or Basic Safety Study,
Security Coordination in the execution phase of the works,
Drafting of security plans and
Self-protection and emergency plans.
On the other hand, those responsible for construction with specific training in technical, regulatory and economic control -Quantity Surveyor-, safety and quality of the construction process are the ideal professionals to develop project management and management skills -project manager- of all types of interventions and works, including those carried out using new building management methodologies -BIM Manager-, etc. -Facility Manager-, Equipment Management, Energy Management, Environmental and Waste Management, Environmental Management Plan, Construction Waste Management Plan, Property Management and Real Estate Management.

Other actions that can be taken to comply with building regulations are:

Preparation of technical reports,
valuable reminders,
Calculation of structures,
quality control plan,
Elaboration of the book of the building,
Technical work in the manufacture and design of building materials,
technical control of the building (OCT),
Quality control laboratories,
maintenance interventions,
construction manager, etc.