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1st July 2024

Spain leads the EU in renewable energy.
Spain leads Europe in renewable energy thanks to its sunny and windy location, combined with ambitious policies and innovative industry. The country is currently installing twice as much solar capacity as Germany, Italy, the UK and France combined. This is due to falling costs of solar panels, favourable regulations and public support for clean energy.

Solar power:
- Spain has huge solar parks, such as Núñez de Balboa, with 1.4 million solar panels.
- More and more solar panels are also being installed on roofs of houses and businesses.
- The government encourages this by removing bureaucratic obstacles and promoting self-consumption.

Wind energy:
- Spain is among the top five countries with the most wind power capacity.
- Wind farms are scattered across the country, from Navarre to Castilla-La Mancha.
- Innovations in floating wind turbines open up new opportunities for offshore wind energy.
Energy storage and Smart Grids:
- Spain is investing in advanced storage technologies, such as concentrated solar power (CSP) with thermal storage.
- The country is developing smart electricity grids (smart grids) for more efficient energy management.
- Integration of electric vehicles into the energy system is being promoted, contributing to grid stabilisation.
Spain's combination of natural advantages and technological advances make

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