In my 15 years of experience in the real estate in Spain I discovered that foreign potential buyers do not know how the real estate business works here

If you are looking for a property on the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca, then it is very useful to know that the Spanish Real Estate market is working different than in your country

In Spain all professional real Estate agents have access to all the properties for sale along the coast 

    They are working in an Interagency Network and so it is easier for the buyer as it is like a “one stop shop”

    You inform your agent about your enquiries and then from that point the real estate agent will give you their best options

So, for the buyer it is a huge advantage not to go to several real estate agents, and explain time and time again what you are looking for, to safe your time and the time of the agent and avoid that you will see the same properties again

  • The best way is to choose your agent who you trust, speak your language and have a good aftersales department. The professional  estate agent will do his job and the more you inform while visiting properties what you do or not like , the more they will have a better idea of what you are looking for and then finally come to the point when you will  find your holiday home.

The Estate agent also helps you through the whole process of buying and if you do not have a property lawyer, then they will recommend one who speaks your language.

  • Make sure that your real estate agent is trustworthy and that you can contact them when needed.
  • As a good real estate agent they will also help you once you are a homeowner in Spain!
  • If you need a technician, builder, translation of official documents… they should be reachable and help you out

Therefore, we are proud to say that the Team of ImmoMoment has a department of aftersales and if you wish rent out, we can help you too

And our knowledge of the inside market is for sure a positive note in our office!

If you wish more info about the buying process, you can go to the link below

Choosing a good estate agent should help you navigate potential pitfalls and avoid any scams

Fanny Denorme


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